Find your home away from home

Choosing where to live is a responsible decision. To make the most of your international learning experience, you’ll want to love where you live. You should feel safe and have access to people who can support you when you need it.


KNOWLEDGE REACH will help you choose your next home through trusted placement partners in Australia, Canada, UK, USA and few more. We also have access to some exclusive rates and offers. You ask a KNOWLEDGE REACH consultant to help you choose the right option. We can also help you through the application process after making a decision.

What are my options?

Student Apartment
Student Apartments are a great choice if you are looking for convenience, affordability, and the opportunity to share your experiences with students from all over the world. Everything you need is in one place and ready to go.

Why Choose Student Apartments?

Easy to make friends and chat.
If you need help or are unsure, there are support staff.
Apartments are usually close to campus, so you spend less time on the road.
You live in a safe and secure environment. 


Homestay accommodation is ideal if you want to stay with a local family and experience their culture and lifestyle. The host family chosen by the provider are quiet, friendly people who will make you feel welcome at home. You will stay in your comfortable room and dine with your new family at home. The host can also provide information on interesting places to explore and how to get there.

Why choose homestay accommodation?

This is a great way to improve your English
You’ll make new friends and get to know the locals and what the locals are like!
Living with your family can make you feel less homesick
There is someone to guide and support you when you feel comfortable.

We have worked hard to provide a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs and budget. All our partners have a reputation for being reliable providers of student accommodation. 

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