GIC Account For International Students in Canada

Build a Strong Canadian Study Permit Application with Proof of Financial Support from


If you are aspiring to study in Canada, you are required to prove that you can support yourself financially during your study period. Other than your tuition fees, you must have assets of at least 10,000 CAD in the form of a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC). It is an investment account that offers a guaranteed rate of interest over a fixed term. You can open the GIC account only in an approved Canadian financial institution.
KOWLEDGE REACH has collaborated with Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) and SBI Canada ,RBC Canada to help students get a GIC account at the lowest possible rates. KNOWLEDGE REACH can help you in opening a GIC account from CIBC and SBI Canada & RBC Canada (you can choose as per your preferences) and can also push your application if there is any delay in the process.


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