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Student Education Loans

Are you going abroad for higher education? Wondering how to finance your studies? Did you find a course that’s right for you? Whatever your reasons for wanting to study abroad, KNOWLEDGE REACH understands that a quality education is essential. That’s why we partner with some of India’s most trusted financial institutions to provide students with a one-stop student loan solution that helps create a better future conveniently and easily.

What is covered under education loan?

Includes some (but not all) of the cost of the basic course and other related costs such as lodging, exams and other costs.

Who can apply for the loan?

A student is the main borrower. A parent, spouse or sibling can be the co-applicant.

Whom is the loan offered to?

It is offered to students who want to study and pursue higher education overseas. The maximum amount offered for studies vary from one bank to another.

Documents Required for Student Visa Application

Every country, depending on their Immigration Laws have a specific list of documents. However, while the exact requirements are different in terms of actual terms, the list is generic. However, there are two documents which you would require certainly.

Eligibility and documents required

To apply for the loan, one must be an Indian citizen, having secured an admission into a college/university recognised by a competent authority abroad. The applicant must have completed his higher secondary level schooling.
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