During the Profile Building stage, we advise you on how to present yourself stronger and in a more college-acceptable manner; however, it does not end here. We have felt that for most students, arranging documents and certificates is not an issue, but when it comes to writing the SOP, they find it nothing short of a herculean task, and many find it even impossible to go beyond a few sentences. Well, there’s hope! Should you find any difficulty in writing your SOP, please feel free to speak to us. We are here to do it all for you.
Our Statement Experts are experienced and well versed in drafting the most convincing essays for you to seek admission in any college you desire. 

Our expert writers will help you write the most impressive Statement of Purpose – one that reflects your complete personality and sounds wonderful enough to be considered for an offer letter. Our team of writers make sure that every statement of purpose matches the requirements of your proposed university and can give them a clear picture of the student they wish to admit.
Before our writers get down to writing your SOP, they study your profile in-depth to understand your personality, plans, prospects, and career options. We even suggest changes in your SOP as per your achievements depicted in your profile. After we suggest the changes, and your SOP is ready, it is proofread and edited by our expert team which comprises of eminent writers. We also have a quality control department that checks your application for inconsistencies, and only after passing the review, the admissions department sends it to the university. 

Letter of Recommendation

Apart from your Statement of Purpose, we also help you with the Letters of Recommendation. It is really of utmost importance that you approach the right teachers/ counsellors who will recommend you for your further studies; it is their task to pen down letters of recommendations for you for the same. Sometimes the teachers are willing to write the recommendations themselves, but at times they ask you to prepare an honest summary of yourself as per your achievements and they, after through scrutiny, sign it and get it stamped.
In such situations, we deem it our responsibility to make sure your LORs are free from grammatical/ quality errors that can degrade your reputation in front of the university/college you are planning to study. Please understand that colleges really want to know what your teachers think of you as a student. Our sole effort is to serve you in the most acceptable way.
Here at Knowledge Reach, we are always dedicated to helping you get into the college of your choice, qualify for a high-paying job or become a successful entrepreneur in the future.

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